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All collections must be booked in advance.

To arrange a booking we require the postcode and full address of the collection.

We are unable to guarantee a specific time for the collection. It is your responsibility to make sure a proper person is at place to supervise the collection.

All items are expected to be bagged up and be in good re-usable condition. Our drivers reserve the right to refuse any unsuitable items.

Your bags do not need to weigh 10 kg exactly. The weight of all the bags will be totalled and you will be paid accordingly.


Please check your weights and cash paid out on the spot. We will not accept any claims after the driver has left.


We do not take responsibility for the bags left outside irrespective of whether you are or are not at place.


You are free to spend the funds raised from collection whichever way you like. There is no obligation to donate a part or all of it to charitable organisations.

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