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Schools, Church, Charity, Clubs, Societies, Traders, Organisations or Business.

We would like your school or community group to become involved in the textile and shoe recycling, to help raise valuable funds, save the environment and support the less fortunate countries. We will collect the textiles at a time that is convenient to you, we will weigh your bags on the spot and the payment is instant. We can also arrange a method of payment which is most appropriate for you. There are no contracts involved, you can arrange as many collections as you wish. These clothes and shoes for recycling will be collected and taken away to be exported and used again in other countries. Diverting waste from landfills, helping the environment and also our local communities.

Please call us for further details on 078 4585 5588

or email us


We pay up to 60p per kilo


1 tonne = 100 bags = £600

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